Traditional lever clutches have restrictions on holding capacity. Jammers however offer superior holding capacity compared to that of clutches. Jammers stand out for their performance; specifically the max working load may be higher than that of some commercial lines. It is a question of quality, not of size.

Antal’s Double V-Grip Jammers, (DVJ) offers superior quality in a small and extremely powerful line holding Jammer. The mechanism is based on Antal’s successful V-Grip system and takes it one step further. The DVJ relies on two opposing V shaped wedges which interlock, grasping the line and evenly distributing the load on 4 sides. The result is a Jammer that offers increased surface area grip as opposed to the traditional 2 flat jaws. Read the full article on the quality of DV Jammer.


Remote control - For lines Ø8


Remote control - For lines Ø10


Remote control - For lines Ø12


Remote control - For lines Ø14


Remote control - For lines Ø16


Remote control - For lines Ø18