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Materials Quality is the greatest goal in our winch design, that’s why we aim at creating winches that are strong and light. What characterizes Antal winches is: high quality roller bearings, CNC machined aluminum parts, high-resistance alloy toothed crown gears, low friction axels treatments, differentiated drum knurling. More on this in the full article.

Innovation Our winches are created entirely in house. We overview closely the life of our products and this allows us to do something very important: innovating the whole winch family continuously, as we gain experience from the nautical market.

Models available Manual XT winches are available both in the aluminum version and in the chromed version. Powered winches are also available in both finishings, aluminum and chrome. Moreover motors can be electric horizontal, vertical or hydraulic. The XT winch family includes classic winches and top performing Race winches, lighter and stronger.

All winch models are made to be mounted on deck with countersunk head screws (not included). Only exception is the manual Line Driver (mod. 240.010) which needs 3 cylindrical head screws (not included). Number and diameter of required screws is specified for each product.