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Flat cam clutches are realized with the standard toothed flat cam in chromed brass. This mechanism accepts a large range of lines. This is why we realize these clutches with small dimensions, for lines from 6 to 10 mm. The flat cam mechanism has the following characteristics:

  • pressure on two sides: above, the flat cam exerts pressure on the line automatically, simply by pulling the line. Below, the clutch base accepts several line diameters;
  • line range: a flat cam allows the use of several line diamters. This is useful in case you want to change a lineand maintain the same clutch. small clutches with flat cam go from 6 to 10 mm line diameter;
  • line retrieval with closed lever: line retrieval can be achieved with the lever closed. The line stops automatically in the new position with no slippage;
  • emergency opening: the line can be released under load without the use of a winch because the Antal mechanism guarantees easy opening even under heavy conditions.