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Choice of the track24x16 track is the versatile track by Antal. It accepts both FB sliders on ball bearing and HS sliders on fibre. Or even a combination of both. This track is mounted in systems for boats up to 70’. Download the pdf with information about 24x16 Antal track, and in particular: track profile, available lengths, available hole distances, available installation tools.

  • Position of the mast: mainly depending on the position of the mast when the track will be installed, one chooses the short or the longer track length. Antal realizes bars lengths of 2 and 3 meters. A 3 meter long track is recommended if the mast is horizontal (non mounted masts), while the 2 meter long track is easier to install when masts are in the vertical position (mast already on the boat).
  • Mounting type: mounting type depends on the mast’s characteristics. Antal tracks are realized for different types of mounting. Choose a track for slugs in case of masts with groove. Masts without a groove or wooden masts will require installation with screws or glue, being glue a good solution for tracks on a carbon mast. In the sheet information about 24x16 Antal track all technical info about track mounting are available.
  • Hole distance: available single and double hole distance, for the different demands of ease of installation and holding strength of the track.